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The Dark Art of Virtuoso Drum 'n' Base


1898 – 1985

Drum n bass (DnB) an overview

Drum n bass belongs to electronic music. Ever since electronic music hit the floors, the music industry started displaying multi-fold growth. Electronic music opened the gate for millions of new songs and beats that made every music lover happy.

We have experienced the uniqueness of several genres out there in the industry. However, electronic music has changed the way rock bands compose their songs. It introduced us to the whole new level of fast beat music, beats, and bass.

We have a lot of music genres in electronic music while only a few are very special in its own way. Drum n bass is one such genre in electronic music that can impress the fans of other genres with its versatile and enjoyable beats and bass.

Drum and Bass also known as DnB is one of the most reviewed, liked, and criticized genres in the history of electronic music. Being such a genre that attracts a huge number of music lovers positively, neutrally, and negatively makes it so special.

No matter if you are a techno lover or hip-hop lover or a soft music lover, selective beats and bass will make you move if you are into just music. Perfect sync in the beats and bass makes the Drum n bass a great genre.

Drum n bass vs Jungle

Junglist community debates a lot about the similarities and differences between Jungle and drum n bass. The jungle was more like the dance hall and reggae, and beats of the UK and the emotions behind the British culture. It all started when the rave scene created its impact on the youth in London. Especially, the poor youth in urban areas.

Jungle music started inspiring millions of youth in the UK and across the globe. Jungle music can be considered as a Hip-hop of the UK. Jungle music is still the favorite of the majority of music lovers in the UK.

The underlying theme of the DnB is the “depth and variety” of the beats with bass. However, one cannot miss noticing the subtle presence of Jungle music in every drum n bass track. Drum n bass can give you the mixed vibes of rock and bass beats. On the contrary, Jungle music can’t avoid the feel of the reggae.

Is Drum n bass jungle music?

Every drum n bass track can give the jungle music feel. On the other hand, there are several jungle music tracks that were composed without the drum n bass. To put it simply, Drum n Bass is a refined and filtered genre of Jungle without the reggae.

However, drum n bass cannot be considered as jungle music as it doesn’t have the reggae which is the primary essence in the latter. Moreover, DnB is a more polished genre when compared with Jungle.

Apart from the technical differences between Jungle vs Drum n bass, DnB is purely based on the drum hits. Similarly, the jungle is based on breaks. Technically, we can’t say DnB jungle music.

Subgenres of DnB:

Dark step DnB: Dark step runs on a little less speed (150 beats per minute to 160 beats per minute) than the actual DnB. The concept and the underlying theme of Dark step DnB is horror. The sounds from the horror and Gothic movies can be heard in Dark step DnB.

Dubstep: Tempo of dubstep is definitely Slower than DnB. Drum pace is less accelerated and the sounds tend to be slightly heavier and dense than that of DnB.

Jazz step: Jazz step is also known as Intelligent drum n bass. The Jazz, chord progression and the other sounds that add to the ambiance tend to be concealed and that makes Jazz step the Intelligent DnB. However, this one is definitely right-on for the dance floors.

Liquid funk: Liquid funk is all about the flow of authentic instrumentation on a heavy note that pairs with the electronic undertone. Feel the chillness of the DnB with this sub-genre.

Neuro Funk: Neuro funk is also known as techstep due to the undertones and heavily driving backbeats.

Breakcore: Imagine the freaky mind gizmos of a techie writing complex programs while listening to freaking fast beat that has the bass undertone. Breakcore can just change any classic genre to unbeatable unique track with just its backbeats and driving tempo.

Jump up: This is all about a slight influence of Jazz step and more of breakcore.


Undeniably, drum n bass is a great genre. Though the routes of DnB is from Jungle, DnB is another unique genre that has a long way to go. We will witness the evolution of DnB to be just like Jazz. Rock, and Techno.

Adding to the bass and beats, new music enthusiasts are seen adding sounds from different genres and sub-genres to make DnB better and better. We could expect more sub-genres from DnB if the trend continues in the long-term.